History of manufacture in Berlin – microscopes throughout the world


Founded 1879



headwas producing microscopes and scientific instruments for over one hundred years. The mechanic Emil Steindorff founds a factory for scientific instruments in the Reichenberger Straße in Berlin in 1879. In 1915 Otto and Emil Steindorff are declared as owners. Otto Steindorff is a mechanic as well. In 1925 the head office is located in the Lindenstraße in Berlin. The firm is called „Steindorff & Co.“ now. Possibly the future owner Julius Kaiser joins the firm at that time. Two years later the firm finally trades under its nowadays known name „optisch-mechanische Fabrik Steindorff & Co.“.  Since then the head office is located in the Köpenicker Straße in Berlin SO36. During the last days of Second World War the factory rooms are destroyed. However the cause of the destruction seems to be unclear. Possible is an air raid or SS-troups that proceeded according to the principle of „scorched earth“. 1951 a firm called „Steindorff of America Inc.“ is founded in the USA to distribute the microscopes in the USA. On the 16th of October 1954 the firm celebrates its 75th company anniversary with 80 staff members. The factory rooms are located at Paul-Lincke-Ufer in Berlin SO36 now. In the 80’s the firm is converted into a close corporation and is called „optisch-mechanische Fabrik Steindorff & Co. GmbH“ from now on. In 1986 the firm goes bankrupt and gets liquidated. The firm name was possibly used furthermore but it seems like there doesn’t exist a production anymore.